Q. What is Paperboy?
A. Paperboy is a community-sourced news platform. Local users contribute original content and links in a variety of sections such as sports, politics, business, food, etc.

Q. How can I contribute?
A. You can contribute to Paperboy by posting original content or links.

Q. Do I get paid for contributing?
A. You get paid $5.00 per 100 views for your original content. Links to third party websites don’t receive any compensation. Views only accrue for 7 days following the day of the initial post.

Q. What type of content can I contribute?
A. Whatever you fancy! If you love sports, post about sports. If you could care less about sports, post in another section. If you want to post in a section that doesn’t exist, let us know and we may add it!

Q. How long should my articles be?
A. You should aim for posts between 300-500 words. Articles may be longer, but less than 500 words is optimal.

Q. How often can I post?
A. Post as often as you like. However, if your account gets flagged three times for low quality content in a 30-day period, you will be permanently banned from contributing to Paperboy.

Q. How can I edit or delete my posts?
A. Go to your profile page through the top navigation menu. On your profile page you will see a list of every post you have created. On the far right there will be an option to edit or delete the post.

Q. When can I withdraw money from my account?
A. Whenever your published posts have reached a combined total of 400 views ($20.00), you may request a withdrawal.