A Local News Platform

Paperboy is a local news platform that allows regular people to share and create news articles, commentary, and opinion.

Contributors can create articles on practically any topic (sports, business, food, events, entertainment to name a few!) and get paid for their content. The current contribution rate is $1 per 100 views.

Feel free to contribute as much or as little as you like. Or simply take advantage of the fresh daily content!

Why does Paperboy exist? 

Traditional news, especially local news, has seen better days. Paperboy wants to help change that.

By allowing the community to have control of the platform, Paperboy hopes to become the community’s homepage for the trending stories that actually matter – – the stories you share with your friends and talk about at the office.

Meet the team

Sean Clarkson


Sean is a news-lover and want-to-be entrepreneur. Having spent the better part of a decade at the University of Arkansas for business and law school, Sean is a fan of everything Fayetteville and NWA. Sean pays the bills by working in the Ethics & Compliance department at Walmart in Bentonville.

Cole Rath


Cole is Paperboy's computer guy, so you can blame him when things break. When he's not working on nerdy tech stuff, Cole likes to play guitar, mountain bike, and drink pretentious craft beers. Cole pays the bills as a software developer for Overdrive Brands in Fayetteville.